Our Value

The source of our main business driver innovation.


We take fun seriously !
We want to provide a positive and engaging atmosphere for our team mates.


Thinking like a designer!
by taking a structured approach to generating and developing ideas.

Be Better

Courage to innovate!
Ask questions and try to find better way
to solve complex problem.


cool people


online project


coffee break


beer friday

Our Projects

Top virtual golf club in the Netherlands
Official member of the Dutch Golf Federation
Community with over 7500 Members
Novel golf lesson booking system
Allows individuals to book private golf group lesson
Anywhere, anytime, any place, at a good price.
A cloud-based golf portal solution that delivers open information and flexible services to the individual golfers, professionals, as well as business.

Our Team

Our Bali Trip

“Sports may be the next industry to produce massive valuations for tech startups.
There are numerous other old-school industries that are also ripe for tech disruption,
one solid bet is on the sports market."
Ilya Pozin / forbes.com
Entrepreneur & Columnist

We are Hiring .

Rails Developer

Rails 工程師

  • What You Will Be Doing
  • – Develop the back-end parts of the our new cloud-base platform
  • – Optimize the system for performance and stability
  • – Work closely with the front-end and mobile developers
  • Required Skills
  • Ruby on Rails / JavaScript / Github

  • 工作內容
  • – 新型態運動資訊平台及雲端Saas服務建置
  • – 公司現有產品系統維護
  • – 與前端開發,視覺設計師協作開發
  • 基本能力
  • Ruby on Rails / JavaScript / Github

iOS/Android Developer


  • What You Will Be Doing
  • – Collaborate with other engineering, marketing, and design teams to create a novel mobile experience
  • – Create elegant code that’s efficient, reusable, and easy to maintain
  • Required Skills
  • – Experience on iOS and Android apps
  • – HTML5 & CSS / Javascript / Ruby on Rails / Facebook SDK

  • 工作內容
  • – 與後端工程師協作開發介接 API,並與團隊討論、設計打造一個嶄新的App體驗
  • – 產出簡潔、易於整理的的原生程式碼
  • 基本能力
  • – iOS App開發經驗或Android App開發經驗
  • – HTML5 & CSS / Javascript / Ruby on Rails / Facebook SDK

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